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Barristers Chambers

We have worked with barristers Chambers since 2001. In that time the legal sector and life at the bar has changed. Now, more than ever before the market is increasingly competitive.

While it is easy for us to use flowery ‘designer speak’ about what we do, ultimately we use commercial understanding and creative intelligence to transform the legal sector businesses we work with. We view each client as unique. With this in mind it follows that each output should also be unique. We want our clients to stand out in their marketplace, to rise above the rabble.

Unique does not mean gimmicky, brash, verbose or arrogant.It means a way to communicate what sets you apart from your competitors and to communicate it with clarity.

Key considerations when we work with Chambers:

• We believe each Chambers is unique.
• We think about bespoke solutions rather than off the shelf templates.
• We are not just here to design a website or identity- it has to go deeper than that. It is all about helping practice development.
• We understand the structure and culture of Chambers and aim to build a consensus.
• We always consider and design for the target audience and end user.
• We see two key functions of Chambers marketing- be an honest representation of the set
and enable the road to the most expedient instruction.
• We ensure GDPR compliance.
• We believe in clear calls to action.
• We know that profile and landing pages will be the most viewed both internally and
by the market on a website. They have to engage the reader and encourage instruction.