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Landmark Chambers



Landmark Chambers' 88 barristers offer advice and advocacy across the spectrum of planning, property, public, commercial and environmental law. Its work includes rating and valuation, infrastructure and compulsory purchase, regulation, leasehold enfranchisement, mediation and arbitration in the UK, Europe and internationally.


We were instructed to design a pupillage campaign for Landmark Chambers. When undertaking any pupillage work we believe it is vital to understand that the audience of the material is not the same audience engaged when Chambers is building practice, or encouraging further instruction. With this in mind it follows that the piece must obviously adhere to elements of the identity guidelines there is scope for a more progressive approach.

With this in mind we wanted to keep the key messages on point and to the point. The tech savvy generation simply do not have the time or inclination to pore over reams of recruitment policy information.

Due to this we adopted an infographic approach enabling us to develop key messages in a simple coherent manner.