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Langleys is a major UK law firm offering a full range of legal services with offices in Lincoln and York. As well as being a leading name in these two key regional cities, Langleys has extended its reach far and wide to include the commercial hubs of Leeds, Nottingham and beyond, and has a growing national influence and client base.

Langleys has shown the foresight to build on trusted traditions while embracing innovative approaches to technology and adopting a strategic approach to social media. It strives to deliver a first-class service to meet the most exacting requirements of its clients, whether that client is a major conglomerate or local farmer.

Langleys values approachability and a commitment to building lasting relationships with clients. It has ambitious plans to increase revenue and to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. The firm embraces change and is investing in commoditised areas of the business while placing quality and clients at the heart of everything it does.

We were commissioned to develop a stand out campaign to feature at York railway station. We worked with the client to understand their key values. We were fully aware that after visiting the site several times footfall would be high but time to take in information would be short.

With this in mind we assigned key values the firm exhibited and attributed animals to these values. We wanted to build on the feel good factor that animals give. We also wanted to build on York's reputation as being a keen destination for horse racing enthusiasts and felt imagery that reflected this would cement the firm in the locale.