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Selborne Chambers



Selborne Chambers is a leading commercial chancery set. It is noted for the clear and practical advice it provides, which can be innovative, and is always mindful of clients commercial considerations.

Chambers recognises the benefits of working closely with those instructing and with lay clients, and members with expertise in complementary areas can work together in teams to clients best advantage. Chambers has been praised for its responsiveness, availability and excellent turnaround. Chambers is instructed by many leading firms of solicitors, and many members accept instructions by direct access.

Building on the duotone blue's we used to build a unique look for the set we developed a series of adverts. We used the elements of the geometric cut-outs that have come to define the Selborne identity.

As ever, we believe less is more in terms of copy. We work for the end user, to ensure they understand the key messages in an memorable manner.