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Lime Personal Injury



Lime Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence combines to form one of the UK’s leading Personal Injury, Clinical and Medical Negligence, Industrial Disease and Defective Product compensation claims teams. We were commissioned to design the website. We worked alongside the firms website build agency and were responsible for the overall look and feel.

The site itself was built with a number of key goals in mind. Ease of use was key. The final site was comprehensive. It enabled the user to get advice regarding PI and Clinical Negligence issues for any area of the body. A key feature was the drawing of a body that would enable those seeking advice to be guided to the correct team to deal with their ailment or injury.

We used a vibrant colour palette that reflected a simple user journey while not making light of the subject matter. We wanted a slick experience that would work flawlessly on mobile and tablet.

With this B2C site we ensured that all calls to action were clearly signposted and the tone of voice was sensitive, friendly and accessible- values that Lime holds dear.