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NoVate Direct Legal Services is a legal advice referral business. When the brand was launched in 2013 there was an issue with positioning in terms of a disconnect between what the public believed NoVates’ purpose was and what its actual purpose was. There was a confusion that it was a ‘no win-no fee’ portal whereas the reality was that NoVate exists to help clients find the best legal advice in terms of quality of instruction matched to their specific requirements.

We were approached to work on developing key messaging and the visual look and feel of the business. We also worked to develop simple, engaging copy that would make the process as clear as possible to the target audience.

We designed a bespoke series of icons to give simple visual signifiers for the practice area groups they could advise on. We also designed and delivered a fully responsive, mobile ready website. We ensured the navigation was clear and the visual hierarchy obvious to the target audience.