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Wilberforce Chambers


What we did

Wilberforce Chambers are a leading barristers set. Considered ‘a powerhouse at the London bar’ the Lincoln’s Inn Chambers is made up of ‘quality barristers both at silk and junior level’, who ‘never disappoint’ and a clerking team who deliver an ‘excellent level of service’.

We developed and implemented a comprehensive programme of internal and client engagement to enable us fully understand the set and their clients wants and needs. We took the results of this programme to develop a brief to frame the creative narrative.

We designed and developed a fresh visual identity and brand icon. A fully responsive user-friendly website was launched. We also developed events materials, stationery suite, an international brochure and pupillage materials.

E-newsletters, adverts and Chambers’ notices were also produced. In addition to this we shot a range of portrait and environmental images for the set.

The revitalised visual identity was launched at the iconic Gherkin and clients left with a range of branded memento’s.

Our work was recognised at the 2015 Transform Awards Europe ‘Best Rebrand for the Professional Services Sector’ where it received a commendation, the only legal sector project to make the shortlist and only the second barristers Chambers in the awards history to have been awarded this honour.


The creative inspiration

Wilberforce Chambers are set in the stunning grounds
of Lincoln’s Inn.

An area decorated in intricate ironwork and brickwork. Steeped in history, attention to detail and craftsmanship, these are characteristics that are reflected in our visual identity.

Our typeface delivers the style and grace of the architecture that dominates the area. ‘Domaine’ does this effortlessly. A dramatic serif with sweeping curves that allude to the surrounding ironwork whilst the solid ascenders give an authoritarian and strong feel yet remaining friendly and accessible.


Domaine was our typeface of choice for a number of reasons.

Firstly it is grounded in a solidly crafted foundation. It has a nod to the historical The original typeface is a redraw of an Italian typeface designed in Rome in 1911.

From the intensive research programme that was undertaken Domaine fitted the bill for Wilberforce. Client findings showed a need for a modernised, refreshed brand. Internally there was a desire for modernisation with a nod to heritage.

It was also vital from both internal and external findings that the new identity stood out compared to the other Chambers identities. Extensive research did not find use of this font by any other Chambers - for these reasons the new identity is a clear standout. Its strong, it has a solid history and it is modern.

It is individual yet sits in a strong family to ensure that it offers depth of application. Rather like the members and staff of Wilberforce Chambers.

The roundel

The roundel is a distinctive graphic focal point that is part of the brand toolkit and can be used as a standalone mnemonic device.

It can work well in situations where space is limited and as an application for social media avatars.

Application of the new identity

To ensure we did the new identity justice, we were careful to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to enable the new logo to appear with clarity of purpose with an underpinning cohesive creative concept.


We knew from our intensive research process that certain colours were reminiscent of Wilberforce Chambers. British racing green featured heavily as did more subtle tones of mint to soften the palette.


We worked with a number of photographers to art direct a series of shoots around Chambers and the stunning environment of Lincoln's Inn.

We were also allowed to sensitively shoot inside the Inn library. This gave Wilberforce a set of bespoke images which would feature heavily in a variety of marketing initiatives over the coming months.