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Memery Crystal is an independent law firm of trusted, commercially aware advisors with a reputation for providing high-quality, value-adding advice to businesses and individuals.

We were commissioned to promote a specific area of expertise- their knowledge of the Alt-finance market in the Sports sector.

We considered the partnership between performance on the sports field with financial performance off it. The piece had to inform the target audience that there were a number of key brand loyalty benefits as well as commercial benefits to for example issuing mini-bonds as a way to leverage finance.


Working with the concept of raising more than just your game we developed a visual signifier of the word 'raise' consisting of a series of small balls. This word was at first disjointed but as the reader went through the publication it came together to be read clearly.


We were careful not to include too much text- the audience were time poor and likely to be inundated by similar materials on a weekly basis. as ever it was key that this found its way to the desk not the bin- so a visual hook that may have raised a wry smile coupled with hard hitting facts kept the 'sales' nature of the piece low but the impact high. We also produced a microsite to illustrate the firms expertise in this area.