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Why work with us

We are immersed in the sector. We are not dipping a toe in the water to see if we like it. We are swimming in the sea of  legal  branding and marketing. 

We read what our clients read. Attend the events they attend. Because of this we understand the issues you face when attempting to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

While it is easy for us to use flowery ‘designer speak’ about what we do, ultimately we use commercial understanding and creative intelligence to transform the legal sector businesses we work with.

We view each client as unique. With this in mind it follows that each output should also be unique. We want our clients to stand out in their marketplace, to rise above the rabble.

Unique does not mean gimmicky, brash, verbose or arrogant. It means working with you to understand four key questions:

Who are you?
Who needs to know?
How do they like to be told?
Why does it matter?

Once we can help you answer these questions we can work with you to build your successful practice in the legal sector.

If you are a law firm

We have experience of working with law firms dating back to 1995. With over 20 years experience we understand the issues law firms face when attempting to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Read more

If you are a barristers Chambers

We have been working with barristers since 2001. Through this experience our team understand the challenges face when marketing a set, and more importantly how to overcome them. Read more

With the team’s great personalities, ideas and accessibility, working with Legalbrands is an absolute delight.

Phil Desmondez, 39 Essex